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A long history which is more than 60 years old

The Trevi Group is a strong idea combining different realities, which are similar in mentality,spirit, commitment and passion. Our group is just like this: always reaching out towards new solutions and new markets, willing to innovate, day after day, without betraying itself, its identity, its own objectives.

We were global before globalization was born, ready to grasp and anticipate the many changes happening in the world, always willing to integrate with different cultures and histories very different from ours. For this reason what’s new and unknown doesn’t frighten us, rather, it intrigues us.

Today, after over 60 years, we face new challenges, more and more complex, being aware that we have acquired an important experience,with the support of targeted and innovative technologies, with the force of men led by great values, skills and passions. A team spread all over the world but linked together by values, identity and common passions.

We are the result of a long journey that, at the same time, is always a new starting point. This is the meaning of our Group.