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Our values


Our bond with the earth is born through the man and for the man. The strength of our roots lies in the value of the individual, in the sense of a team involvement, in the pleasure of a challenge, in the determination to build something that will leave a mark. Every Trevi person embraces these same values and shares a vision kept by the most experienced men and transferred, each day, to the new generations of workers.
The man is at the centre of everything: his values, his hopes and goals are ours too. This is our attitude, just that of a large family that welcomes new challenges with enthusiasm and dedication, a mission that unites all of our employees around the world. Each work is a tangible sign of this sense of participation, solidarity and team spirit that has always marked the history of Trevi. The man is our arrival point. And our starting point.


All technical issues, any foundation, dam or parking lot, any drilling work on land or sea finds its answer in innovation. No two projects are alike, no two soils are identical: each solution is unique. The best tools are not enough, innovation is not just about technology: it is a mindset, a way of being, seeing and responding to situations.
For this reason, the Group’s growth draws from everywhere: the experience of our professionals, the most modern technical solutions, the desire to think beyond the present, to try new angles, new ways.


All over the world, in all projects undertaken, Trevi works with the environment and for the environment, in harmony with the people, in compliance with all the cultures. As the earth nourishes the roots and is made compact by these, so the Trevi Group draws strength from its territory, the men it meets along its journey, building a stable and profitable relationship, a mutual and continuous listening with the geographical and cultural context, with the social and economic integration that encourages new development opportunities.