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Recruitment and selection

Motivated and enthusiastic people with an attitude to internationalization and technological innovation.


Applications to the company website: candidates have the opportunity to regularly update their resumes and participate in the recruitment for open positions.

Internships: the trainee gets to know the working environment so that he learns more and easily.

Training programs: young people enjoy classroom experiences with professionals and skilled teachers from our Academy and, then, they are offered to attend medium or long term training courses directly in the sites or in factories in Italy and/or abroad.

Career Day in Schools, National and International Universities


At the very beginning, the CV Screening takes place, on the basis of the main requirements set by the Job Profile, such as:

- School
- Languages
- Work experiences
- Specializations and / or masters
- Availability to work anywhere in Italy and in the world


Selection process for candidates at their first work experience: they take part in Assessment Centres through foreign language tests, motivational tests and tests focused on the person. Individual and group interviews, in which it is possible to assess motivation, interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, technical and managerial skills, are also envisaged.

Selection process for candidates with professional experience: their personal and professional features in relation to the job they would like to apply for are focused on during individual interviews. Motivational characteristics, expectations, skills, attitudes are also passed in review. In some cases, the applicant is tested as for his/her language knowledge and undergoes motivational tests. Candidates join a technical interview,which, basically, is a collection of information on the skills they acquired during their previous work experience or they gained at school. Technical knowledge relating to the required position are analysed as well as transversal skills like management ones. Some tests require technical practise.
The final stage of the selection process is the Feedback to the candidate,by which the person suitable for the referenced job profile is contacted in order to receive an economic proposal.