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Business Model

The continuous exchange between the technological and the process innovation strengthens our leadership in the reference sectors and it creates new opportunities. It’s an exchange that occurs both in the field of special foundations ((Trevi – Soilmec) and in the drilling sector (Drillmec - Petreven).

Trevi is a first-rate company working in the field of specialized foundation engineering, offering valuable services with high profitability margins.


Soilmec manufactures rigs and equipment that are used in the field of foundation engineering. Its products are the result of a forty-year experience and have been tested under the most difficult conditions, in the job sites that the Group carries out all around the world through the TREVI Division.


Drillmec manufactures mechanical plants, innovative hydraulic systems and relevant accessories for oil drilling, geothermal and water works. Moreover, it also supplies valuable special services as far as the maintenance of the same equipment is concerned.


PETREVEN is a drilling contractor. The Company, being part of the same TREVI Group, has a solid background in drilling rig engineering & management service. The main objective of PETREVEN is to provide drilling services in those areas where the use of our technology and expertise will be able to create increase of drilling performance, cost reduction, high safety standards and environmental protection.